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Man seeks advice on Twitter after having this conversation with his girlfriend about meeting his mom

A man has taken to Twitter to seek advice after his girlfriend tells him she isn't ready to meet his mom after he told her he wants to make formal introduction between them. In the WhatsApp conversation, he made mention of it being time to tell his mother about who he was dating.

This piece of information did not sit well with his girlfriend as she told him that she wasn't ready yet to meet his mom. After going back and forth on their conversation (as seen in the screenshots below), he decided to take the matter online to know what people think of the situation.

Reacting to this post, a man on Twitter had this to say, "What opinion again, the exchange is expressive enough. Guy wants to progress to another level but babe isn't ready for that. You either wait until babe is ready or move on to another that is willing to pilot the ship with you at this time. The choice? Yours to make!"

A lady also had this to say, "I'm honestly the lady here. If you want me to meet your parents, then we must have gotten to that level. I. e, if nothing stops us, we'll be getting married in 3-6 months. Not going to do all wife duties, meeting family members and at the ends, nothing to show."

What so you think about this. Below are reactions to the post. Kindly follow this page for more news.

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