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Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Women & What Can Be Done To Treat It

Concern among women of all ages about loss of s£xual drive (SD) is on the rise. One of the most prevalent issues brought up by women seeking medical attention is this one. There are numerous potential causes of SD, each of which calls for a different course of action. In this article, we'll talk about the most typical causes of low s£x drive in women as well as some potential remedies.

Psychological causes

According to Healthline, stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems are the most typical psychological factors contributing to low SD in women. Any of these factors may have an impact on both s£xual desire and physical stimulation during s£xual engagement. Women frequently feel they must juggle too many responsibilities with insufficient time or are unable to obtain enough emotional and practical support from others around them, which contributes to stress, which is frequently caused by pressures at work and from families.

Physical causes

Some physical causes of low SD are more prevalent than others and can vary greatly. Alcohol, drug use, and smoking can all have a detrimental impact while insomnia, exhaustion, and pain all contribute to lower s£x drive.

As a side effect, low SD may also be brought on by several drugs, including those for hypertension and antidepressants. A decrease in s£xual desire can also be brought on by a menopausal woman's loss of estrogen as well as by an increase in prolactin or testosterone levels.

Diabetes, thyroid issues, kidney problems, and heart issues are among more physical causes of low SD.


Depending on the underlying cause, treatment for low SD differs. It's crucial to deal with the source of the issue while dealing with psychological factors like stress, sadness, and anxiety. This may entail counseling, a change in lifestyle, like practicing yoga or mindfulness, as well as medicine, like an antidepressant.

Couples counseling can help both parties focus on communication and understanding when there are problems in a relationship. Treatment of the underlying cause is necessary for physical problems including thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, kidney illnesses, or cardiac diseases.

It is crucial to seek out encouraging counselors and therapists if your s£x drive has dropped due to a difference in gender identity or s£xual orientation. Additionally, there are self-help and awareness programs, such as those for s£x addiction or gender dysphoria.

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