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Opinion: Mothers Should Not Be Celebrated Only Once In A year, They Should Be Celebrated Everyday

Every year, a day is set aside to celebrate mothers all over the world, that day serves as a reminder to do something special for our mothers, some people will shower their mothers with special gifts, calls, outings, messages and other wonderful renditions to appreciate their sacrifices. This celebration lasts for just a day and after that everything goes back to normal.

It shouldn't be so after all the endless Love and sacrifices made by our mothers. The journey of motherhood for every woman begins when she came into the world.

Growing up, she will be taught how to take care of herself, her siblings and other members of her family as she moves through differen phases of life. She goes through menstrual pains during her monthly cycle coupled with other developments of puberty. Whether educated or not, when she gets married she changes her name to her husband's own. 

She endures all the pains of pregnancy and child birth, breastfeed and nurture the children till they grow up, this phase alone takes a toll on her body and leaves her on most cases with sagging breasts, stretch marks and overweight body. 

Some times she sacrifice her career and future in order to take care of her family, even when she continue working, she comes back home to cook, mop, wash, sweep the house, do the children's home work and perform other wifely duties.

She takes all the blame whenever a child is not doing well but remains in the background when the child is successful. 

No matter how fragile or vulnerable a woman may look, she remains sacrificial , tough, hardworking and resilient. Permit to say this from my heart, "no woman is lazy". The work of mothers are uncountable, they are the ones that that make everything work.

When others are snoring at night, mothers are busy planning how things will be done the next day, they will be the last to sleep and the first to wake up in the morning. 

Imagine who takes the blame when children are not forth coming, who runs up and down when kids are sick, who goes round at night to check if everyone is ok, the typical answer is the mothers.

I believe the mothers deserves to be celebrated everyday because there is no day they don't do the things mentioned above and more. We shouldn't only celebrate our mothers on mother's day since they keep sacrificing for us everyday.

Therefore I celebrate every mother, grand mother and even those that are yet to give birth today and always. I don't know how mothers do all these things with a smile, probably God gave them super powers for carrying their tasks without wavering. Thank you for not giving up on your motherhood call. Thank you for the sleeps you gave up for us.

Thank you mothers for your constant care, love, struggles, sacrifices and many more. God bless our mothers. 

Do you think mothers should be celebrated everyday or only once in a year?

How do you celebrate your mother?

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