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What type of girls do guys like?

In all of the conversations I’ve had with guys about women over the years, no matter what the guy’s demographics, socio-economic status, or age (well, after they’re about 25 or so), there is one kind of girl that most guys seem to like more than others:

The approachable/attainable girls.

This is why the “girl next door” look is more appealing to most guys than the “supermodel” look. Consider these two pictures, both of the same woman:

Younger guys… under age 25 or so… would be more likely to find the picture on the right the more appealing version of Milana. But older guys… over the age of 25… would be more likely to prefer the left version of her.


Because the girl on the left looks like just a regular, albeit attractive, woman who you’d see out in public or maybe even lives in your apartment building or on your block. Any guy who went to college probably had a woman like that in one of his classes, and he had no problem chatting with her.

The woman on the right looks like she’s full of herself. She’s trying too hard. She does not look approachable at all. Guys look at women like that and think, “Eh… Why even bother trying to talk to her? Women like her only go for rich and famous guys. She’s probably dating some professional athlete or investment banker.”

To put it another way: The “7” who smiles at you and initiates conversations with you will always beat the “10” who ignores you.

If I were a woman who was looking for a guy for a long-term relationship… a guy over the age of 25… I’d stick with the “girl next door” look.

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