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"Men what would you do if a lady ask you out on a Date"- see reactions to this question on Twitter.

A Twitter influencer popularly known as Aunty Sally has taken to Twitter to ask men on their opinions if a lady they've been talking to Should ask them out. In her post, she said, "Guys how would you feel if a woman you have been talking with opens up to you that she likes you and would want to have a relationship with you?"

After going through the chats, she concluded In her own words that, "From the replies, we can see that most men do not have a problem with ladies making the first move. So ladies be bold enough to shoot your shot and learn to accept rejection. There’s nothing wrong in being the first one to initiate a kiss or even sex. Be clear with what you want."

Below are some of the reactions to this tweet;

a) To be frank, 98% of guys take such people for granted. I have not experienced such but my reaction will depends on the lady.

b) It is actually a good one, it has happened to me before, a lady I love approached me first and we both enjoyed the relationship with all sincerity that even our parents became friends. But unfortunately the lady got distracted with the relationship after 3+ years. Distraction in the sense that, she started complaining am not jealous in our relationship. That I don’t complain whenever I noticed traces of male around her, I tried to make her understand my kind of person. After all sha, she started double dating which is against me. After many argument, I became a nagging boyfriend which is now affecting my trust for her so I had to let her go with what she want, though we still talk but that all as she has given birth already without the guy marrying her. So there is no harm when you see a lady that comes.

c) I say that to only men I have a chance with, if I don’t have a chance with him I just ghost the friendship before it turns to "situationship". 

All the men I like always like me back sha, so I just make it easy for them.

d) I did appreciate her for her boldness but won't rush to give an answer to that proposal because the Rhythm in friendship zone is different from the one in Relationship. Circumstances can make her feel that way at times but when the real picture starts rolling in, she wants out.

Other reactions to the post are in the screenshots below. Kindly follow this page for more juicy and fan friendly contents.

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