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Divorce Affair

Types Of Extramarital Affairs That Are Trending In This Era

An extramarital affair between a man and a woman happens when both of them already have their main partners.

The extramarital affair is usually with someone who is not their spouse. They may not intend to marry this person, so in most cases, the relationship does not last.

Some people have extramarital affairs without having physical intimacy with the person.

They may meet someone online and start dating without meeting them in person. Some people even offer financial assistance to the person they are dating online.

Due to individual differences, everyone has their own idea of how they define cheating.

Cheating is usually a betrayal of the trust that your spouse has for you, and it can eventually lead to a breakup.

A man can be just a romantic friend to a lady, and it is called friends with benefit. They are only friends, but they benefit from each other.

The benefits could be physical intimacy in exchange for money. It's usually a romantic relationship with no deep feelings attached to it.

This kind of relationship usually ends in physical abuse or violence because there's no deep understanding, connection, and commitment between them.

There is also a casual relationship where the man and the lady are ordinary friends. They could be colleagues at work or friends in the neighborhood.

They spend time together and have deep conversations. They also get intimate at times.

They have their main partners but decide to be close friends sharing physical intimacy.

This is what many people call besties. Their physical intimacy is not for an exchange of financial gain.

There's another kind of relationship that is free from physical desire. It's called a platonic relationship.

The reason why this is also called infidelity is that both friends share emotional thoughts and secrets.

A platonic relationship can grow into a romantic relationship over time because both of them will be emotionally connected.

This is why married couples are always advised not to be close with friends of the opposite gender.

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