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Dear Ladies, This Is What You Need To Know About The Trending Menstrual Cup And How To Use It

As the world evolve, new technologies and modern things start to come in place. Back in the old centuries, a woman on her period makes use of clothes or linen which are being washed after use and kept for use in the next months.

Then the use of Pad came to existence which a lady wears and dispose after use. After that, the use of tampon came to existence. A tampon is being inserted into the vagina during menstruation and it absorbs the blood and other vaginal secretions. When it expands, it means it's soaked and therefore the lady changes it. This is not regularly used like pad but is often used among women in the sporting field.

Now, Menstrual cup is the one currently trending which is made of flexible latex and it is being inserted into the vagina which it then collects the menstrual fluid. After inserting the cup, it's being pulled out when filled, emptied and washed which you can reinsert it again.

How to use;

The rope on the bag of menstrual cup is being used for insertion and the cup is then placed into the vaginal canal.

The menstrual cup is of great advantage because;

- It do not dry up the vagina which then helps to preserve bacteria that protects the vagina from infection.

- It is free of chemicals unlike tampons

- It does not smell

- When bought once, it can last upto a year provided you always keep it neat

Also it has quite some disadvantages like;

- If not inserted properly, it may fall out

- If not carefully removed, you could mess up the place

- For people with sensitive skin, it may cause vaginal infection or irritation.

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