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5 Weird Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

Have you ever wonder what happens whenever you are asleep? here are some hilarious weird things that can happen to you while you sleep.

1. Sleepwalking

This is the act of getting up and walking around while sleeping. It is also called Somnambulism. Sleepwalking can be dangerous since you can leave the house, trip and fall, or step on something dangerous. More than 1.5 million case are recorded in Nigeria every year.

2. Feeling Like You Are Falling

This is called Hypnic Jerk. It is caused by anxiety, discomfort while sleeping and so on. This feeling is caused by a sudden muscle twitch while you sleep.

3. Dreaming Within A Dream

This is not very common, it does not happen Everytime. Have you ever had a dream that you think you are awake but you are not? And strange things happens in the dream? This is as a result of you Dreaming Within Your Dream.

4. Sleep Talking

This is a funny and weird thing that happens when one is really stressed out. It is formally called Somniloquy. It is kind of a sleep disorder.

5. Solution To A Question

Sometimes when we sleep, we get answers to questions we have not been able to find the answers for a long time.

These are the 5 weird thing that happens to us when we are asleep

Have any of these happen to you before??

Kindly drop your comments and suggestions below

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