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5 sure Ways to Make People Respect You Anywhere You Find Yourself

5 sure Ways to Make People Respect You Anywhere You Find Yourself

It can be very annoying and painful when you get disrespected by people who ought to accord you the respect that you deserve. You can notice that people do not take your views serious and they might even talk back to you in a way that makes you so uncomfortable. You can also have a particular person who always disrespects you and you want to gain your respect back then you have to follow the steps in this article.

1 Use Status Boosters: Making Use of status boosters doesn’t mean you are proud; it just shows that you are confident about standing for what is good about you. Some examples of these status boosters are words like, “I am very hardworking”, “I have overcome big obstacles in my life”, “I am proud of who I am” etc. You don’t need to go around saying these words to everybody around you, all you have to do is to say these words to yourself constantly and try to act them out and you would see how people would start giving you the respect you really deserve.

2 Change the way you speak to people: This is very important when you want people to respect you. The way you talk most times determines the kind of respect you are given. You can’t be talking slowly in a low tone and expect people to respect you. You have to start calling people’s names boldly when talking to them, and always ask questions as this makes people focus on you. Most importantly keep eye contact when speaking to people, as it helps to get their attention and also shows that you know exactly what you are talking about.

 3 Learn not to always apologize for everything: When you apologize for everything you do it shows that you are not dominant. This doesn’t mean that you have to be rude. Imagine apologizing when someone steps on you mistakenly, it might show that you are very humble but this doesn’t work well with someone who needs to be respected. Never apologize for stating your own opinion or expressing yourself. Keep your apologies for when you are actually sorry.

4 Your Body Language: Always stand tall and walk straight. No one would respect someone who walks heads down facing the floor as this act shows that you are not confident in yourself. People tend to look up to people whose body language portrays confidence. This however, doesn’t mean you should be arrogant. Arrogant people do not get respected, they get hated.

5 How you present yourself: How you present yourself really matters. Like the way you dress, the kind of haircut you keep, how well composed you are, etc. The cloth you wear really matters a lot because a lot of people judge others by the way they dress. Remember the saying “you are addressed the way you dress”? it is very true. Always present yourself in the best way you can, and do not try to make bad impressions on people especially when you newly meet with them. It can lead to disrespect along the line.

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