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Husband and wife relationship

5 Qualities That Make Her a Decent Wife Material

When a man is ready for marriage, he usually goes to his family and makes his intention of getting a wife known to them. According to the Nigerian culture, his family will ensure that any woman he chooses has certain unique qualities. Generally, the man's family will visit the woman's village to ask people the kind of woman she is. If satisfied with the information gotten, the family will bless their son and allow him to go ahead with the marriage rites. Fortunately, this culture is still existing and below are some of the qualities in a woman that most families see as decent wife material.

1. She is Independent: When she is independent, she will not rely on you to take care of herself. This quality is important an independent woman will often support her husband and lessen his responsibilities. Someone who requires constant attention and reassurance could make marriage more difficult. An independent person is strong, confident, and not afraid to render support.

2. She is goal-oriented: A woman who loves to achieve great things is often appreciated because they are rare to find. When you marry a goal-oriented lady, your family will be blessed because she will be a source of encouragement to her family, and also join her husband to strive hard to achieve desired goals.

3. A home builder: A woman who knows how to maintain peace, take care of her kids and home is decent wife material. This is because such a woman can maintain your home in your absence without difficulties. A home builder will raise God-fearing, disciplined and respectful kids for her husband. 

4. Supportive: Nothing makes a man happy than him knowing that he has a lady who will always give him the necessary support even when he's down. Before you marry a girl, one of the things that will encourage you to marry her is how supportive she is. If she doesn't support you in her little way while dating, don't be surprised if she shows less concerned when the both of you are married. In other words, a woman who possesses this great quality will not be taken for granted.

5. Generous/kind: A woman who extends a hand of kindness to you and people around her is wife material. You need to know that cheerful givers never lack. When she is kind, she will always show generosity, love, and care to your family members too.

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