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7 Signals Girls Give to Tell You That They Like You

7 Signals Girls Give to Tell You That They Like You

Some girls have stop approaching guys that they like to tell them about their feelings because because some guys would always use it against them in the long run.

Whenever there is a little misunderstanding in the relationship, the guys would use a phrase like "After all, it was you who came asking me for a relationship in the first place. This is a very harsh phrase to use on a lady, this belittles their ego.

This why some girls don't approach guys they like. What must girls do is give guys they like signals and green lights.

If you are too dumb to notice these signs, that is your own cup of tea. They will move to on.

Below Are 7 Signals Girls Give to Tell You That They Like You.

1. Smiles

When a lady smiles at you a lot for no just reason that a signal she likes you, they are actually telling you that they are into them.

2. She Gets Angry At You

Girls have different why's when it comes to giving signals to a guy they like. Some girls would actually get angry at you for no just cause to show you that they like you.

3. She Walks Past You

This is one of the most common among most girls. If a girl likes you, she will do anything just for you to notice her. And this includes her walking around you hoping that you would call her for a talk.

4. She Gets Jealous

A girl who truly likes you will get jealous whenever she sees you talking to another girl, it a natural feeling. She will always want to know what was discussed. She likes you bro.

5. She Defends Your Name

A woman who defend the name of her man in their absence is a courageous woman. This is a very rare quality to notice; when a lady defends your name when you were not around, It a strong sign that she likes you.

6. She Laughs At Your Dry Jokes

A girl who likes you would always laugh at your jokes even though they are funny or not. This is because she likes you and she is happy whenever you are around her. It advisable to stay close to a girl who always laugh at your joke whether it is funny or not.

7. She Behaves Well In Your Presence

If a girl truly likes you, she would always try her best to behave in an orderly manner whenever you around. She will rearrange her dress if it's out of place just to look good enough to gain your attention.

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