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Here is Science Young lady's Love Letter Reply To A Mathematician Guy with Science Terminologies

The Science Young lady's Reply to the the Arithmetic Boy

Hello Dear, 

Earnestly Maths kid, I don't have any Concoction Mix for you. All I have for you is the adoration for Perfect LAW. I realize you can see the distinction among CHARLES and BOYLES LAW. My sweetheart is ROBERT HOOKE, who is portrayed as the dad of CELL, in which you can't live without. You are not a Component in my Intermittent TABLE and in the event that you are there, you should be among the Change METALS since I don't normally notice them among my Initial 20 Component. I as of now have an ELECTRONIC Design for my adoration which can not be made nor crushed as expressed by The first LAW OF THERMODYNAMIC. 

I'm sorry that your Substance Condition isn't . Quit making your heart bubble in affection for me on the grounds that Despising YOU IS Steady AS O2 (OXYGEN)

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