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Guys, here are 3 signs that a Lady is dating more than one Guy at a time

We live in a world were relationships, being single or dating have all taken different forms or shapes. Everyone has a choice to date whomever they want to date but that is not always the case

It is also advisable to date just a single person but that is also not the case these days due to the level of cheating, multi dating that is prevalent in our society today.

Both Guys and Ladies have been guilty in ensuring this outcome for Relationships in our society today. Let's focus on the Ladies and look at the signs a lady is dating more than one Guy at a time.

3. She is always confused

When a Lady always says she is confused about what she wants especially when it comes to answering questions about her dating status, it is highly likely, she is dating more than one Guy at a time. She is not decided on who to finally choose as her Lover and that is reason for her confusion.

2. She introduces you as just a "Friend"

If you are a Guy dating a Lady and she is adamant to introduce you as her boyfriend to her friends or family, it is very likely that you are not the only Guy in her life and she does not want to call you her "Boyfriend" because that will put her in a difficult spot. She will rather introduce you as a "Friend" in order to avoid any awkward situation.

1. She needs her "Space"

If a Lady is dating more than one Guy at a time, she always needs her Space because she wants to think and know the perfect Guy or outcome for her. Dating multiple guys at a time is an not easy task and she needs the excuse of her "space" to take a break.

Do you agree with this signs?

Thanks for reading.

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