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Husband and wife relationship

4 Reasons Women Might Not Get Intimate With Their Husband

Intimacy is one of the foundational things that must be present in every relationship, it's one of the things that brings two individuals together, to establish a relationship or enter into marriage, and it's also among the things that strengthen the relationship and keep the partners together.

As important as intimacy is, some women are sometimes reluctant to engage in any form of intimacy with their husbands, this behaviour is usually caused by several reasons. And before you continue to castigate women who've made this decision, you need to understand where they're coming from, you need to understand the reason why they've refused to get Intimate with their husbands.

In this article, I will be showing you four reasons why some women won't get intimate with their husbands.

1. If the husband is not hygienic

This is not even about women alone, no one wants to move close to someone that has a bad body odour and a stinking mouth, so everyone naturally runs away from those with bad hygiene. And this is also the case for women, they always avoid getting intimate with their husband, if he's not hygienic. Sometimes, they won't even be able to talk to him, if he's the type that doesn't brush his mouth.

So, as a man, if you don't want your wife to stop getting intimate with you, you need to start taking your hygiene seriously.

2. If the husband rarely spends time with them

Women sometimes use this as a way of getting back at their husband, they won't get intimate with him, just to use it to take revenge for him not spending time with them. So, as a man, you need to start spending more time with your wife, she's your partner, and you should be spending quality time with her.

3. If the husband drinks too much

Some women hate alcohol a lot, it irritates them to their bones, so when they have a husband that enjoys drinking and often drinks it too much, they find it difficult to build any form of intimacy with him. They will choose to distance themself from him and might restrict their communication to body language.

4. If the husband doesn't give them attention

This is another reason why some women don't get intimate with their husband, if the husband is the type that doesn't show any form of concern, he doesn't give them attention, they would also prefer to distance themself from him. So, as a man, you can't afford to keep ignoring your wife, you need to give her attention.

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