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Questions Nigerian Guys Ask When Trying to Woo Ladies

Nigerian guys are hardly romantic though there are few exceptions. They ask some certain questions when they are trying to woo a girl. Nigerian girls are not left out, they reply texts like sadists. I know how Nigerian guys desperately try to keep conversation flowing. God help us. I'll list some of the questions below. You can let us know if I'm right or not in the comments session. 

1. How are you doing?

This is actually okay for a guy to ask if he really means it. For Nigerian guys, it's like a custom. They do it because they believe it's customary not because they really care how you are. They just feel they have to ask and they pray in their mind you don't say you are not fine because that leads to more explanation that ends up with you needing money. 

2. Have you eaten?

I wonder why Nigerian guys ask this question. It's not like they want to bring food for you or buy you food or send you money. They just want to keep the conversation going. And I don't blame them Nigerian girls can be so stiff while chatting.

3. What did you cook?

After you might have replied that you've eaten, then Nigerian guys deem it fit to ask you what you cooked. It's actually a way of knowing if you can cook or not, I think. Anyway, this question is unneccessary and annoying. It's not like you can fly over to taste the food.

4. How is our uncle?

Why can't you just go straight to the point and ask if she has a boyfriend or not. Which one is how is our uncle or brother? Nigerian guys are so cunning. 

5. When will you come to my house?

What are they sharing in your house? Is Obasanjo there? Nigerian guys believe that a typical date involves you going to their house. BS mehn! You don't invite a girl to your house when you only just met her. You people have not even gone out oo.

6. What are you doing?

There is nothing wrong with asking this question. It's shows the guy wants to know what you are doing at the moment. He might care or not. But it's a normal thing for a Nigerian guy.

7. How was your day?

Typical Nigerian guys always ask about your day. Not like they care oo, they just want to ask to keep conversations flowing. It's at this stage a guy should know if a girl is interested or not. If she's interested, she'll give you full details on how her day went but if she's not, expect the response "fine, just there, it was ok".

8. How was your night?

They ask about your day in the evening and your night in the morning. I don't know if you got that. Immediately you wake up, just know you are waking up to a "How was your night" from your "toaster". 

9. Can you send me snaps?

This is what lot of Nigerian guys get blocked. You don't have to ask a girl to send you snaps. If she likes you, trust me, she'll flood your dm with pictures and she will crave your compliments. Many Nigerian guys will just go on and about embarrassing themselves

10. Where are you?

This question ehn, is it just me or what, it always pisses me off. Why do you want to know where I am. What do you want to do with where I am. Nigerian guys ehn, error 101. There are ways you could ask this question and it won't come off so annoying. Imagine 5 guys asking where you are at almost the time, it sounds suspicious oo. Nigerian guys need to change their tactics mehn

Our romantic Nigerian guys thinks asking these questions makes them cupid. Girls, did I miss any question? Guys is this true? Let us know in the comment session.

Content created and supplied by: Nayae (via Opera News )



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