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Pregnancy period

The Reason You Should Urinate After Intimacy With Your Partner

You may have heard it somewhere that one should urinate after intercourse. Well it is true epecially for the women. This is because urinating flushes out bacteria from your body, thereby preventing a urinary tract infection (UTI). According to Healthline, "Having intercourse is a risk for UTIs. Urinating after intercourse lowers your risk of developing a UTI."

At intercourse, bacteria might pass from the genitals to the urethra. The urethra connects the bladder to the urethral opening (where urine is released). Bacteria could transport from the urethra to the bladder leading to a UTI. So urinating would help flush bacteria out of your urethra, thereby prevent UTIs.

Females are at higher risk to get a UTI than males. This is for these 2 reasons:

Firstly, the female urethra is at close proximity to the anus and vulva. Hence bacteria could easily pass from both areas into the urethra.

Secondly, the urethra is a much shorter distance in females than it is in males. Hence bacteria entering the urethra would reach the bladder much quicker.

In males urinating after intercourse isn't necessary because they have a longer urethra. So bacteria from the genital area is unlikely to reach their bladder.

You may be wondering if this prevents pregnancy. No, urinating after intercourse won't prevent pregnancy. It's because the urethra and vulva are at separate parts of the female body. So urinating doesn't affect any sperm which enters the vulva. Utilize a form of birth control to prevent pregnancy during intercourse.

And neither does urinating after intercourse prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). One can contract STIs by absorbing bacteria through the bodily fluids inside their bodies at intercourse. Ensure to utilize a condom during intercourse to reduce the risk of STIs.

In conclusion urinating after intercourse is necessary to prevent a UTI especially in women or people prone to UTI. But it doesn't prevent pregnancy or STIs.

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