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5 Things To Do When Your Girl Is Not Talking To You

When a girl is being treated with respect in a relationship, worrying if she'd rather be with someone else is really unnecessary. How a girl is being treated in a relationship totally reflect not just on her attitude towards the relationship but also on the relationship itself. Hence the essence of effective communication. Effective communication in a relationship doesn't only imply verbally spoken words, effective reception of not just words, but also of body language is key.

The importance of effective communication in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. Communication is the nutriment that every healthy relationship needs to stay healthy. Effective communication help couples keep emotional balance and most importantly, a very efficient tool in settling misunderstandings. Relationships with poor communication are bound to hit a pitfall.

Here are 5 things to do when there's a breakdown or communication gap between you and your girl.

1. Try To Persuade her.

Whenever your girl refuses to talk to you, try to ask her for a reason. Else she might decide not to tell you because you didn't ask, what's more, that may appear a little careless on your part. So don't just turn a blind eye to any sudden change, try to ask what the problem is, and if she truly loves you, she'll confess to you what it really is.

2. Get Closer To Other Girls

Girls generally find it hard to tolerate seeing their man with another girl. Witnessing that usually hurts their feelings. So, if your girl refuses to talk to you, try to relating with other girls. Make her so jealous that she will come running back to you. Seeing how other girls appreciate and compliment you, she will know your worth and value.

3. Make her friends notice you.

Endeavour to take advantage of the situation, make things work in your favor. If your girl suddenly stops talking to you, try to get on the good side of her friends. Win them over and use them to your advantage. Whenever talks about you start anytime she's with her friends, instead of being on her side, they stand up for you.

4. Hang out with your friends

Sometimes it's good to make her realize you're not shaken and that she's not the only one present in your life. Instead of just laying around, overthinking, spend time with your friends, hangout. Make her realise you can still smile and have fun even without her. This is sure to hurt her pride and in no time, she'll realize her fault.

5. Sometimes Take One Step Backward

Whenever your girl suddenly stops talking to you, try to figure out her exact reason before you proffer solutions to it. Sometimes review your relationship, identify the exact origin of the problem. She won't always tell you exactly what you did wrong, so you need work your brain sometimes and figure it out.

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