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The Bitter Story I Never Told (Fiction)

My name is Rose, I am alive but I am dead.

I grew up in a small neighborhood. During my childhood,I could play with my cloths off in the rain and never feel ashamed. I always played mummy with the little doll my mother got for me, but my baby never cried, so I cried for my baby and nurtured too as the mummy.

I loved to see mummy carry her baby, with so much care and tenderness, like it was an egg. She pampers her baby when ever she cries, I felt bad because my baby never cries, but consoled because mommy always said " someday you will also Carry your baby that will do the crying and you the pamparing"

"Hey, don't look at me", I always said to my younger brother. It never used to matter but now it does. I still use to play under the rain with other kids but this time with my pants and blouse on. Daddy baths me to school when ever mummy is too occupied to, but now, I wouldn't even let him rub me the cream.

This, is the point where everything went all wrong. A new family had just moved into our neighborhood, they seemed very friendly and playful too, especially Ola the eldest amongst the three children. He was about 18 or 20 years old. He was very fund of me,and always said I was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. I always smiled and said "I got it from my mum".

One day while playing mummy with my doll, Ola asked "Do you know what mummys do to have babies?", I smiled shyly and said " they do nonsense" barley lifting up my face. He laughed so loud and asked me what I meant by "doing nonsense" I just told him that was what the girls at school use to say

Mum and Dad had somewhere to go together, so they left my siblings and I to the care of Ola since he had become close to the family.Ola told Bella and Bobby to go play with other kids. They jumped out and flared up with excitement because Ola had done the opposite of mummy's instruction.

Now it was just Ola and myself In the house. He said he had something to show me, so he held my hand in his and took me into the bathroom. At this point my heart jumped out of my chest, he held her against the wall and whispered "I will take it easy on you and you will like it". I couldn't say a thing, I didn't even find a voice to, my voice was seized, so I could only cry within me. I was broken

I woke up to a nightmare,seeing mummy's face filled with tears, but all she could say was "I'm sorry". Now I still play mummy with a doll because I will never be a mummy to a baby who will do the crying and I the pamparing.

Moral Lesson: You don't just destroy her, but you can stop a whole generation from existing too.

Say no to rape.

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Bitter Story Rose


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