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4 Signs That You Are Being Too Forward With A Girl You Just Met

At times, guys tend to not notice that they are being too forward with a lady they just met. They make all sort of moves at the first meeting, and these are stuffs that should be reserved for the future, when you both have known each other better.

Want to know the telltale signs that you are being too forward with a girl you just met? Then read on.

1. You ask her for a hug on your first meeting

If you perhaps met her for the first time on the road, at the mall, the gym or church, and you both chat for a while and notice that you have a thing in common, it doesn't mean that she is yours already. That doesn't make you close enough to request for a hug on the first meeting. Guys tend to do this alot. Instead of using a simple handshake to wrap up the conversation, they request for a hug which is totally wrong. Not only are you making the lady feel uncomfortable, the lady has perhaps registered you as a big turn off in her head.

2. You request for a kiss few days after your first meeting

There must be a lot of cysts in the brain of any guy who requests for a kiss few days after meeting a lady for the first time. Because, you do not even know this woman no matter how much you have talked on the phone with her. Requesting for a kiss few days after meeting her only because you foresee a future with her is inappropriate. You would place the lady in an uncomfortable position and even if she lets you, somewhere at the back of her mind, there would be a pang of guilt.

3. You ask her when she is coming to visit you in your house or apartment

Anything that you cannot discuss in the outside world, and then you ask the lady to visit your apartment, it only shows your ulterior motives. You are being too forward by doing this. Infact any lady can interpret that you only want to lay in bed with her and then forget about her.

4. You start talking about 'our kids' in no time

Maybe you are talking about something that has to do with babies and then you make use of the terms 'our kids', 'what should we name him or her'. That is forwardness in itself. It is quite weird planning out the future, marriage and kids with a lady you just met. It makes a lady feel uncomfortable. Especially if she is one who doesn't want to have kids or get married.

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