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FICTION: My neighbour caught me cheating on my husband and tried to blackmail me.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon and my husband was out of town for the weekend, this was his third trip this month so I was not bothered anymore at this point.

I called my lover and we decided to go on a date on the outskirt of town. We only started dating six months ago when I met him at an executive meeting. He was tall, light skin, beautiful eyes and single or so he says.

Our beautiful date was going well and it was going to end at his house until I saw my neighbour Mr Adams and he saw me too. He walked up to me and asked what I was doing on the outskirt of town. I greeted him nicely and excused myself from the place.

As soon I got home, I heard a knock on the door, It was Mr Adams and he came to ask me what I cooked. I asked him what he meant by that and he said henceforth, I would have to cook him different meals every weekend to keep my secret.

I laughed and showed him a picture of his side chick who happens to be my old friend. He stared kneeling and begging not to tell his wife.

I also played a recording of our conversation to Mr Adams and told him I would tell his wife he insinuated that her food is tasteless by trying to blackmail me into cooking for him.

We settled the matter and he agreed that we will both keep each other secrets. This was how I escaped blackmail from my wicked neighbour.

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