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3 Things You Should Not Do For Your Boyfriend In A Hurry

It is not such a bad thing for you as a lady to put up some actions to show your boyfriend how much you love him, but in doing that, you need to apply wisdom. No matter how much you love a man, you should not be in a hurry to do certain things for the man you are in a relationship with because, sometimes, your good may end up badly for you, most especially when the man in your life is an opportunist or an exploiter.

Even though some men would treat a lady who is ready to support them financially, materially and otherwise like a queen , others would take advantage of the lady's kindness, love and generosity.

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Nevertheless, as a lady, to be on a safer side, you should not blindly do some things for a man during your dating relationship except you are ready to continue doing them when you eventually get married, because most things done in a relationship are unconsciously expected by the receivers in marriage. Among other things, take your time before you do the following;

1. Consistently spending money on his needs. Truth be told, assisting your boyfriend in a relationship when you are in a position to do so is an applaudable and remarkable thing, because it will make the man to feel loved. However, there are times that such good gesture will make some men to pull out of those needs when you get married, and expect you to continue doing them, forgetting that you were only assisting him out of love and care, and probably because he was not having the means to take care of those needs then. Like I said earlier, it is not every man that will take advantage of such display but to avoid regrets, you need to play safe, so that you won't regret doing the right thing with the wrong man.

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2. Continuously paying off his debts. Just like the first instance, it is not bad to save your man from shame and embarrassment when those he is owing come for his money, thereby paying off his debt because you have the money. On the other hand, a man who does not mean well for you may capitalize on your generosity and keep on borrowing money (even without letting you know. You only get to know when the debtors come for him), because he believes that since you have always helped him out to pay off his debt, you will continue doing so in marriage.

3. Continually lending him money and forfeiting it when he is unable to pay back. Lending and borrowing are serious business which principles should be adhered to by the two parties involved. There is difference between free giving and lending. So long you gave the money to your boyfriend on the ground of lending, courtesy demands that he should pay back on the agreed date. Nonetheless, in a situation where he will not make any move to pay you back even when he is having the money, you should learn your lesson from there by not lending him money again in the future. Similarly, if you decide to forfeit his debt and keep on lending to him whenever he needs money from you, it will become a habit for him even in marriage.

The golden rule is, do not start what you cannot finish because you are likely to mortgage your peace of mind, happiness and joy.

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