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4 Things You Should Not Do In A New Relationship To Avoid Breakup

Oftentimes, people get into a relationship without the right attitude to navigate through the various obstacles surrounding a relationship.

Several relationships have failed prematurely because the couples that are involved failed to do certain things that will lengthen the lifespan of their relationship, or simply because they did certain things too early into their relationship.

In this article, I will be introducing you to three things that you should not do very early in a new relationship to avoid an early breakup.


One: Too Much Romance

An affair that is a couple of weeks old, or a few months old, in my opinion, is still very tender for hot romance if you want it to withstand the test of time.

While romance is an essential ingredient in every relationship, it shouldn't be initiated at the early stage of a relationship. Rather, it should be introduced after you and your partner have gotten familiar with each other.


Two: Rushing things

A new relationship is as fragile as a newborn baby. In that way, you will need to tend to it carefully, feed it the right nutrients and watch it grow with your loving.

 When you are in a new relationship that is just blossoming, you will have to take things gradually and never try to rush the process.



Three: Don't plan your future together too quickly

Quickly planning your future with someone you just met is a quick way to break your heart, and an even quicker way to dislike your partner.

 This is because as time goes by, your partner may not meet the expectations of your dreams.


Four: Calling too often or too short

When in a new relationship, it is natural for both parties to want to call and check up on each other. This is very good, but gets bad when the call becomes too frequent and often.

When you frequently call someone, you’re indirectly may putting them off and making them uncomfortable.

If that happens, they will begin to see you as a clingy person that  is always in need of attention.

Rather, minimize the way to call them, let it not be too frequent

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Too Much Romance


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