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Never Slap A Child Or An Adult On The Face Again: These are My Advice For You

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This has become one of the most habit currently practiced by parents and guidance of every little child, a child is prone to offend or disobey an order sometimes but that doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want on that child especially slapping him or her on the face. Some parents are addicted to this particular habit when a child offends or annoys them, the first thing on their mind is slapping the child, Thinking that just a slap can make the child realize his or her mistake.

Well in case you don't know studies have indicated that slapping a child or even an adult on the face can cause a lot of damages and effects on that person's life, today we are going to be talking about the side effects of slapping someone on the face.

1). Aggression

Continuously slapping has a lot of negative effects” on the parent-child connection. “Slapping is related to heightened aggression in both pre-school and school-aged teenagers, a high chance of mental health illnesses and awareness difficulties and further oppositional and arrogant behavior in the child

2). Permanently Deafness

Sometimes slapping someone hard on the face can result to temporarily or permanently deaf on one side of the ear, if you are very lucky the effect may last for one hour or more, so imagine slapping a stranger and causing this kind of dilemma, just know that you are the one who invited problem into your life

3). Vision Failure

Many people don't know this but slapping can actually lead to sight failure, sometimes your intention is to slap that person on the face, but you ended up slapping him or her on the eye, this can put you in a very big problem

4). Brain Damages

Some people may be wondering what is the business of face and brain in this situation, but one thing we must all know is that when someone strikes you on the side of the face with an open palm, the hit connects with different more nerves than a punch would. All those nerves in your face flip out and the outcome is temporary paralysis in the face. So imaging if a punch can cause brain damages then why can't slap also cause the same effect.


Before slapping someone, please make sure to think twice about it, don't let a tiny situation lead you to somewhere you don't want to be.

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