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Top 10 African Proverbs you should never Forget

Proverbs are very important to Africans and their culture. Proverbs are used to express ideas,to emphasize on words and thoughts,to inspire,to encourage,to console and to advice. Chinua Achebe(renowned Nigerian writer/poet/novelist )once said"Proverbs are palm oil with which words are eaten".

Different tribes and culture have their own different Proverbs. However what makes Proverbs very interesting,is that everyone can understand it and relate to it in some way and on some level.

African Proverbs can be used be used to express love(romantic),to express anger or displeasure,an idea etc Proverbs are not said or used in vain. These wise sayings are said to convey wisdom,the truth or an idea and sometimes to teach a life lesson


Literally,it's unwise to test the depth of a river with both feet. As a proverb,this means that it's unwise to jump into conclusion with thinking over and over again. Irrespective of how good the idea or opportunity might sound or look like,you need to give it much thought before concluding. In facts it's wise to ask and answer "Why" five times. Try the "five why method";a method when you ask yourself why you want to do a thing?,Why you want to do what you want to do?,till you get to the 5th why. This method will help to get to the root and think very deep .


When you do things to people,you just think you are done and dusted. Do you ever think of what happens to the people you hurt. Do you ever think of what they go through;the pain,the shame,the critics,the stigma?. Until you are in their position before you can relate to what they are going through. So remember if you have power or authority,do not hurt people because even after their wound heals,the scars will still be there to tell the story.


Just because things are working out fine does mean you shouldn't prepare for unforeseen circumstances. So many people have been stripped from their wealthy positions because they think that there is going to be plenty everyday,so they spend so much that when they have finished spending,they are being subjected to poverty. Learn to be prepared always,when things are going well and fine,don't forget that there are two sides/phase of life which everyone must go through;the sweet and the bitter. When you are going through the sweet,don't be ignorant and unprepared for the bitter. Just as the saying goes"when you fail to plan,you plan to fail". Be wise


Water always flows easily down hills or sloppy part. Water flowing through sloppy parts does not remain there forever. It will eventually get dried up with time. Only fools take the easy path in life. In reality,the easy path is where you will eventually get stuck. No wonder people who often opt for the easy path always end up with regrets. Hard work Is a very important criteria for being successful,if you decide to go through the easy way you will definitely regret at the end.


Some of us were born on hills and the mountain top while others were born in the pit and we have to hustle to the top,so because you have started before someone doesn't mean that you will definitely reach before them. It takes God's grace and mercy to be successful. Be wise


To those beautiful and handsome people who think they don't need to work,You will not always be beautiful forever and when you are hungry,you won't eat your beauty. Be wise,only a lazy man/woman will die of hunger. Beauty without brain is a waste of humanity. Please work today so you don't end up being a liability to anyone.


When a child crawls,he/she experiences pain as they emerge new limb pattern for walking. In life,if you don't learn to crawl,then you won't ever learn to stand or even walk. Humans should learn to be patient and take a step at a time. You can not skip any step to be successful.


Literally,if you want to walk fast,walk alone but at some point you will get tired because you are relying on your strength and might. However,if you want to go far,go together. There's strength in unity,don't always do things alone if you want a productive result. When you're weak,there would be people to strengthen,love and pray for you. Learn to always work with people if you want to go far.


Do not waste resources simple because you have it in abundance. Don't be a wastrel or a waste. Learn to always make use of your resources properly.

This proverb mean you will learn the hard way if you don't want to learn now. When you are not appreciative and you become independent,you will learn to appreciate man and God. Be wise


This particular proverb doesn't have a definite meaning. So let me leave you to answer this for me in the comment section.

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