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What A Man Needs To Do When A Lady Stares At Him

If you walk into a hall where a lot of people are seated, and you notice a particular lady keeps staring at you.

Maybe you are in a public place and discover a lady close at hand is staring at you. You look at her and don't know the next thing to do.

The following are the things you need to do as a man to show you are self-confident.

Determine The Meaning Of Her Look

Try to establish the meaning of her look after a quick calculation.

Try to quickly find out if she's only trying to be friendly, or she's interested in a relationship with you.

You need to be sure that her look was intentional, because some ladies can just look at you without actually noticing you.

Keep Looking At Her

Our eyes are the windows to our hearts. If she's the kind of person you like, don't look away from her yet, keep looking at her for a few seconds.

If you do this, it will show her that you are also interested in her, and this will increase your self-confidence.

However, if you look away immediately, she might conclude that you don't like her, or you are not interested.

Give Her A Smile

If she looks down immediately, she notices that you are also looking at her, it could mean that she's shy. Give her a warm smile to make her feel comfortable around you.

Your smile will be an invitation to her and could make her interested in knowing more about you.

Start A Conversation

If you are so sure that she likes you the same way you like her, try to make the first move and start a conversation with her.

Give her a warm handshake and tell her your name. If she tells you her name, let her know it's a pleasure for you to meet her.

If you notice anything beautiful about her appearance, give her a sincere compliment. Look for an interesting topic to begin your conversation with her and ask her a few questions.

Make sure to say things that will make her laugh. This will create more closeness between you.

Turn In Her Direction

Make sure you are facing her directly. Don't turn your back on her because this could signal pride or that you are not interested in her.

Let your attention be focused on her as you are just meeting her for the first time. Remember, our first impressions usually have a lasting effect on people we meet.

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