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6 Common Reasons Behind Broken Marriages That You Should Try And Avoid

First, let us be reminded that, no sane human enters marriage with the mind of ending it. It is always the desire of every married man or woman to live happily ever after with the spouse. Sadly, things do not always end the way we want them. Most people make the decision of ending their marriages after they may have tried their best to save it without any tangible result. Before most people would think of ending their marriages, they must have tried to remedy the situations - they may have patiently waited for things to be different. Put simply, most people opt for discontinuation when the situations have reached saturation point.

It is worthy to note that, no marriage can break when everything is in order. Marriages mostly break when the married people refuse to do the right thing before and during the marriage. The big question now is, "Why are most marriages going down the drain these days?" You may want to ask. The reasons are not farfetched.

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1. Lack of patience. Most people are too much in a hurry to get married. They don't want to take their time to study the attitude, characters and the overall personality of the person they wish to get married to before they say, "Yes, I do". Most things done in a hurry always end badly. No matter the excitement you may have towards marriage, take your time before you marry that man or lady, because if you hastily rush in, you will hurriedly rush out, too by the time you start seeing the true "colours" of the person.

2. Lack of divine direction. Like the Bible says, there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof leads to destruction. Also, our ways are not ways of God. Most people lean on their own understanding without seeking the face of God concerning the person they wish to get married to, if it is the Will of God concerning their lives or not. All they care about is the beauty of the person, the material and financial possession; things that are pleasing to the eyes. If you are reading this and you are still single, don't depend on your wisdom alone; seek for divine direction because His plans for us are plans of peace. When you marry your God's destined partner, everything will go smoothly.

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3. Inability of married people to invite God into their marriage. Marriage may be instituted on Earth for humans to manage but there is more to it that meets the eyes. Like the Bible says, by strength shall no man prevail. When God is not at the centre of the affairs of any marriage, it is bound to sink when challenges crawl into it. As a married person, daily invite God into the activities of your marriage. In that way, He will give you the divine wisdom to manage it successfully.

4. Some people are marrying primarily because of the feeling of love alone. Unknown to them, the feeling of love alone can't make any marriage work when other basic things are not in place. If love is sufficient, we won't be having broken homes because majority of people married out of love. Before you marry, look beyond the feeling alone. Ask yourself, aside this strong feeling of affection, will this person make me happy in the future? Will he/she treat me right?

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5. Most people are carried away by frivolities when making the choice of who to marry. If you focus mainly on physical looks, material and financial possessions without putting into consideration things like mental and personality compatibility, it will be an issue of time before you start experiencing turbulence in your marriage. Focus on the content of the container and not the outside.

6. Most people marry for the wrong reasons. When you get married primarily because of age, pressure from people, using marriage as an escape route from loneliness, proving to your ex that you can do without him/her, imitating your friends and siblings who are married are part of getting married for the wrong reasons. You should get married because you are emotional, spiritually, mentally, financially etc and also because you have the inner cinvinction that the person you desire to marry will complete you.

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