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"I want to be collecting N33k every month" -Nigerian Corper cries during Passing Out Parade (P.O.P)

Wonders shall never end oo.

A Nigerian lady was spotted crying while on her NYSC jersey. The lady who happens to be a Corper was seen crying as she was doing her Passing Out Parade (P.O.P).

A video of her was released where she was seen in the video as she was crying and shedding tears. It seems like she is in pain. Then she was asked what the problem was, she said she does not want to pass out and that she wants to continue to be a Corper collecting her 33k allowee every month.

When she was asked "what is your problem?", the first reply she gave was that she was crying because the NYSC people gave to her her certificate. Then she said that she does not want to pass out.

"I don't want to end my NYSC, I want to be collecting N33,000 every month", she continued. After saying this, she continued crying.

This came as a big surprise to everyone as everyone wonder what was wrong with her that could make her be crying only because of allowee. I wouldn't blame her because no one knows if that's the only way she's been able to make ends meet all the while.

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