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The Best Age Your Body Is Physiologically Ready For Sèx

According to Medicalnewstoday, the suggested optimal age for engaging in intimacy for both genders is 18. There are logical reasons behind this recommendation, which are not solely based on social norms or cultural factors. Instead, the focus is on potential negative effects on physical and mental health when engaging in relationships before marriage. Let's explore the reasons why experts suggest that the first intimate encounter should occur around the age of 18.

For Men:

Both males and females go through puberty around the same time, but the physical changes experienced by boys are quite distinct. As boys approach puberty, their bodies undergo significant changes, and their testosterone levels rise. During this period, they start to understand erections.

However, boys tend to be less emotionally developed than girls during the peak puberty period of nine to fifteen years. This may lead boys to act impulsively, including starting intimate relationships prematurely. By the age of 17, or when they reach adulthood, individuals begin to gain better clarity on the consequences of their choices. Their bodies become more equipped to handle the emotional aspects that may arise following sèxual activity, as suggested by Medicalnewstoday. Hence, 18 is considered an appropriate starting age for boys to manage the psychological and physical aspects associated with intimacy.

For Women:

The development of women is a distinct process from that of men. Women's bodies undergo various changes that can sometimes impact their emotions. As their bodies continue to mature and are not ready for a significant hormonal shift before the age of 18, women are advised to wait until they are at least 18 years old before engaging in sèxual activity.

Research has found that women who experience intimacy before the age of 17 are more prone to depression compared to those who engage in it later.

According to Medicalnewstoday, another factor is that women generally exhibit higher emotional intelligence compared to men at any given age. This is not because women's bodies are meant to be delicate, but rather due to natural conditioning. Consequently, intimacy before the age of 18 can be more emotionally challenging for women than for men.

Both men and women need to realize that intimacy comes with its own emotional and physical complexities. Your body undergoes changes, and you experience different emotions for the first time, influencing the formation of your relationships. While intimacy is important for your well-being and may appear significant at a certain age, it is crucial to consider these factors before engaging in it, as regrets may arise later. It is important to resist giving in to temptations merely because friends may be "doing it," as this is not the proper course of action.

However, it is essential to prioritize safety when engaging in intimate activities. Using and obtaining condoms with confidence is crucial. Unsafe intimate behavior increases the risk of contracting infections and potentially experiencing underage pregnancy.

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