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Do You Fear Taking the Risk?

Have you ever wanted something so badly, but you haven’t taken any action toward making it happen?

What’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams? What’s stopping you from having the dream job, the dream house, the dream car? Why aren’t you bringing the people into your life that you need to help you get to the next level.

Sometimes it’s something so simple. Sometimes it’s just. Plain. Fear.

But fear of what? If you really want something, then what is there to be afraid of?

It usually isn’t what you want that you are afraid of, but something surrounding that thing. Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of the risk, no matter how big or small it actually is. There are so many things to fear that, sometimes, it’s a wonder that we do anything at all!

I know that’s not what you want for yourself, though. So let’s work on building your courage so you can grow, change, embrace the new wonderful things out there for you.

Look for evidence that what you want can happen. It can work. You can have it.

You have everything you need to reach that goal, and if you don’t, then look for what you need to move on and grow big. When you add up all that you already have plus all that you can use to find your path to success, this is bound to bolster your courage to set sail and achieve!

With your new-found courage, now you can take measured risks toward your goal—smart risks that are backed with knowledge and purpose. As you take these risks, you will only grow your courage more and more till finally, you can reap the rewards—the life that you’ve always wanted but never thought you could make happen.

It’s about taking chances to change your life.

When you look in the mirror, I want you to see the most courageous version of yourself. I want you to see someone who has confidence in each move she makes, even if you aren’t sure how far the momentum will actually take you. As long as it’s a bold move in the direction you want to go, you’re on the right path.

So take a deep breath, and know that you are worthy. You are enough, and you can do it. Don’t let fear keep you in one place. There is so much more for you to do and so many places you will go. Don’t ever stop moving because of fear!

Content created and supplied by: @pelumi.hub (via Opera News )


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