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17 signs that prove someone is falling in love

Based on personal experience, surveys, and anecdotal evidence, these are considered the most telltale signs of someone who is falling in love. I’m going to address you directly and point out what you may experience.

You feel content around that person.

You strongly desire them in every way.

You think about them all the time.

You fantasize about them.

Your heart rate increases around them.

You start planning for the future.

You feel a strong desire to make them yours.

You want to experience the world with them.

You don’t feel the urge to date other people anymore.

You want them to be happy.

Your heart rate synchronizes with theirs.

You love their quirks.

You remember little details about them.

You accept their flaws.

You start singing their praises to others.

You feel afraid of losing them.

You feel some jealously.

The list could go on but, I would just like to say that when you develop a better understanding of what is love, it becomes clearer that it requires effort and investment.

The more you nurture love, the more you find yourself feeding the feelings mentioned above. That, in effect, makes you fall more in love and the cycle continues so long as you continue the work. Isn’t that ridiculously beautiful?

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