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ZStory of how a 22-weeks old premature baby survived

Emilee Wendzik and Patrick Schultz, a couple in Michigan has faced series of challenges after their daughter was born nearly four months before her due date.

Despite all the challenges faced , Emilee and Patrick through unwavering faith and prayer, brought their baby home this month.

Emilee who started to have abdominal pain June 29 arrived at Saginaw's Covenant HealthCare with her husband. 

Emilee who thought this was just a normal pain was amazed when the doctor told them an emergency C-section needed to be carried out.

"That day went by so fast when they told me 'later in the afternoon we're taking you for an emergency c-section' - my mind was blown," Emilee recalled. 

Patrick, Emilee's husband who said they had thought it was just a normal abdominal pain and they will go home same day had described that monday as life-changing.

The baby whose name is Harper Rose Schultz was born that beautiful monday afternoon at 22-and-a-half weeks gestation. Harper who weighed slightly over 11 ounces was classified as a micro-preemie(A baby that has been born prematurely that is so tiny)

After her birth, the new parents remained optimistic despite the fact that Harper required assistance with breathing and had to use a ventilator. 

Emilee and Patrick had come out to appreciate all the prayers and support of everyone who had reached out. Emilee wrote on her Facebook page.

Dr. Martin Nwankwo said Covenant had never worked with a baby that little before.

Patrick had described this happening as nothing short of a miracle.

 Harper the miracle baby now had to go home after weighing 6 lbs 10 ounces Nov. 4. Harper is still on oxygen and has special needs for feeding, but her parents are ever thankful to be going home together.

Indeed, miracles still happens.

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