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Funny Pictures to Crack you Up

We have put together some very funny and hilarious images to crack you up today.

If a man says you're ugly, he is just mean.

If a woman says you're ugly, she us just jealous.

If a kid says you're ugly, you're truly ugly!

When hiding from the boss' boys!

This one really got you on the spot! Imagine being hungry and this happens???

The corona feet...

Watcha watching all day long?

When next, remember, cakes comes last, so don't even eat the food should it be served. Wait for the next on the menu!

The unexpected guest always takes more time than the expected.

Wow he's cute, till you now see the true cuteness...

Lol, I got puffed with laughter!

Just like I imagined in December of 2020!

You remember that tough customer? What a great relief!

Today you get to understand that it's my house and not yours.

Really, really we would download the whole internet in seconds!With and without eye lashes, which do you prefer?

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