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For Ladies: Relationship tips

So.... I'm a member of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel and every month, we have this 2weeks program known as WOFBI. It's currently going on know and I'm part of it and we had this teaching Marriage Covenant so I want to say a few things about what I learnt

1)Ladies don't go into marriage with a man that beats you. This is one of the major factors that lead to divorce. All these problems we face in marriage is overlooked in courtship and backed up with words like I'LL CHANGE HIM WHEN WE MARRY.

2) Don't sleep with your fiancee before marriage because it's only meant for marriage. Marriage is honourable, bed undefiled Hebrews 13 Vs 4... Don't yield to temptation and tarnish the sacredness of marriage

3) Don't go to the house of your husband to be all in the name of helping him to prove you can take care of him. That your help will lead to each of you helping yourself on the bed. Wait until it's the right time oo. If you enjoy it now how about later when you get pregnant and the man refuses to marry you and starts abusing you that you have loose pants. BE CAREFUL

4) Ladies, you that is reading this please don't settle for less.. If you don't know your value or worth, you'll settle for anything. Don't kiss a fool and don't let a kiss fool you

If you rush into marriage, you'll rush out the same way....

5) Remember, a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage...

Know your worth and don't let anyone fool you

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