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The 3 things guys considers first before going after any girl


Before a guy works up to a girl, he considers her physical appearance first of all to be sure she suits his taste, as to what his definition of physical attraction is. Some ladies wrongly believe that their mannerism or character is what matters most to a guy. But if one thinks deeply about it, no body carries his manners on his head like a logo that says "l am a good girl," it simply is impossible. So what a guy does is to be sure she measures physical appearance wise as to his taste, if he likes what he sees, then he makes his move. It is a common question ladies ask guys who comes to meet them for the first time saying they like them. "You don't even know me, how can you say you like me"? Well, thats how it works in the guys world, what he is working on is your physical appearance and that's often his first concern, from there, the rest might be history.


The second thing a guy considers is her kind of person. "Who is that girl"? When ever a guy drops out this question, this is often what he means: what kind of person is she? It is a key question guys ask themselves before making a move. This question is important to a guy because in his mind, he knows what he is looking for, sometimes all he needs his just a fling, someone that can get down with him easily without any strings attached. No commitment what so ever. So he sizes her up and make a decision wether to go or not. If what he wants is a fling, and if the lady appears to be someone serious, a lady that might want a commitment, then things just don't fix, he might not proceed with his approach. In the same vain, if the girl is some girl he sizes up not to be keepable, and what he wants is someone who can potentially be good for a commitment, then he may simply stay away. A guy considers all of these secretly in his head before making any move on a girl.


The third thing a guy considers is her character. As important as this is, something that naturally should be on top of the list as to what a guy considers, it simply don't work that way. That's why it is advice able for ladies to take care of their physical appearance while they also take care of their character. Non is important than the other. It has to be a balancing act. Come to think of it, if the guy doesn't find anything to attract him to the girl, he won't go after her, and if he doesn't come after her, there is no way he can confirm her other qualities. If she is good or bad for him. It is like this: her physical appearance is what brings him to her, her character is what keeps him with her. These two have some sort of symbiotic relationship going - physical appearance and character. They depend on one another to win and keep a guy. Negligence in any of these aspects will result to suffering to the other for the girl. Too many ladies do not understand this link, and they end up getting things confused. "I am more beutiful, what did he even see in her"? Yes, a lady can be more beautiful than the other, but what the other has is the balance, and that's all what matters to a guy.

So these are the three chief things a guy considers before going after a girl. May the ladies reading this use this to their advantage.

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