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6 Subtle Signs A Shy Girl Likes You And Might Want To Be Yours

When a shy girl likes you, the signs she displays can be confusing compared to those displayed by confident girls. The girl in question may be someone who is normally not shy, but if she likes you, you make her shy and her behavior will change. 

Every shy girl is different from one another. Before you continue reading, these are all subtle things shy girls will do. Not all might do the things listed below, but majority display these subtle signs

1. She’ll look at you. A lot. Shy girls usually don’t like to stare because they don’t want to get caught. If you catch her looking at you more than once on the same day, there’s a chance she likes you. That, or she happens to stare off into space in your direction a lot. Let’s hope it’s the first option.

2. She might try to talk to you. Shy girls already have a hard time approaching people and starting a conversation. So if she normally doesn’t seek out talking to anyone other than her circle of friends, and tries talking to you, that means she really wants to get to know you.

3. Speaking of friends, when she’s with them, notice how they act when you’re present. If they’re whispering and giggling while looking at you every single time, while the shy girl is trying to make them shut up, they’re probably talking about you. Actually, this applies to both shy girls and outgoing girls.

4. Her friends might try to become friends with you. The reason for this is so they can drag you into hanging out with them, so she will have a chance to talk to you without the pressure of approaching you. They might say things like, “(girl’s name), I’m going outside with (your name), wanna come?”.

5. If you and her talk, she may be a little underwhelming and you might do more of the talking, but that’s just what she wants.

6. One subtle signs to know if a shy girl likes you is when she probably opens up her shell a bit more once she gets to know you better. That’s a big step knowing that she’s more comfy in your presence.

These are just a few signs that I could come up with. There are probably tons more, but these are mainly things shy girls do. If you’re reading this because you like a shy girl, good luck! I hope it works out well for you guys.

Thanks for reading!!

Content created and supplied by: FranklySpeakingwithJeremiah (via Opera News )


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