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Opinion: Which Number Among These Ladies is Their Mother?

Let's have some fun and grace up our weekend with this lovely family of six beautiful daughters and their mother in the picture.

Their beautiful picture has been making waves on social media where social media users struggles to identify the mother of these beautiful damsel (s) who is rightly among them.

I believe is only the family who could testify who their mother is among all, as it's confusing, they all look alike with same stature, young and beautiful. But believe me their mother is right in the circle but who can identify her is the question that need an answer.

I don't get tired looking at their picture as it gives me joy whenever I set my eyes on it. Their mother must have married early for her to have such grow up ladies and still looking young.

This is one of the advantages of early marriage, when you're opportuned to marry early and God blesses you with kids, after breeding them up, that's when it's proper to slay as my mother would say.

Let the game begin, who among them is their mum? Use the eyes that you would use to know a matured corn and identify the mother of house among them. Your likes are welcome.

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