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Intercourse/Intimacy Addiction: How Excessive Self-gratification Can Affect Your Life

If you are an obsessive adult movie addict, self-gratification habits can wreak havoc on your intimacy life and your whole life in general. Self-gratification is a normal, natural behaviour that almost all of us will indulge in at some point in our lives. For some however, it can become more than just a habit. It can escalate from a normal, healthy part of one’s life, to a damaging self addiction. Here are ways Self-gratification and intimacy addiction can affect you.

It Interferes With Work: People who use wanking as a coping mechanism for stress may do so privately at work. Aside from possible ramifications professionally, this can lead to other possible unhealthy stress-management behaviours. If you are turning to nonrelational relief as a form of dealing with stress versus relational relief, you may be inclined to hold in difficult feelings and not share them with the people who care about you most.

Infection From Unclean Toys: When you use unclean tools to make yourself feel better, you might put yourself at a risk of infection caused by bacteria and fungi. Also, avoid using toys with multiple partners. This may increase the risk of STI and will do more harm than pleasure.

Disrupts Daily Activities: Some people get addicted and this affects their daily activities. It makes them less functional with their daily activities. A doctor or counselor may suggest talk therapy to determine ways that they could manage their behaviour.

Affects Your psychological Health Towards Partner: According to Geter, an intimacy and relationship expert, if you feel dependent on your habits, you might find yourself struggling in the opposite direction. You might even rely so heavily on wanking yourself off, that you neglect to seek emotional assistance when you need it, or find other ways to manage your moods.

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