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8 Problems With The Teenage Girls Of This Generation

8 Problems With The Teenage Girls Of This Generation

Teenage is quite a difficult phase for people to understand. It is the age of testosterone overflow. Parents, elders are often worried about how their teen kids would react to different things which would come their way.

This is the cycle of life where parents are more worried about their children. They would develop anxiety issues over their lifestyle habits, their friends, their relationships. They would vicariously lead a life which their kids are leading.

At times, unfairly so, the burden of issues fall a lot more on the girl’s shoulder. Her safety, her well being and all those primal instincts, lead parents to over protect them. Which especially during such sensitive years of growing is not recommended.

Today, we are going to list out certain problems of teenage girls from this generation, which is quite hard to understand and even more difficult to come to terms with.

Priorities nowadays

Girls earlier had simpler things to worry about, they cared more for their cartoons when they were in their teens.

But for teenage girls nowadays, they have bigger problems to address, boyfriend issues you see.

Everything for the camera

People earlier used to care for the memories, but nowadays all they care for is the camera and how they pose or pout.

They think they rule the world

Even though it isn't wrong to assume responsibilities at such a young age, but just to say that we want to enjoy our freedom at the age of 13 is a bit low brow. That is exactly what is the problem facing this generation.

How simple they were and how complexed they are

This is the major underlying difference between the teenage girls of this generation.

Earlier they were simple and cheerful, now they are complexed and confused.

Great pose, more likes

Social media validation has become the end all and be all of everything nowadays. Earlier when people met each other, they did it for the joy which it bought, but nowadays it is purely restricted to look cool on Instagram.

Keeps you on tenterhooks

While she might be talking to you all day long, but suddenly she would send you a message saying that she is going on a date with her boyfriend.

Such smart moves from girls of this generation have kept the boys on the edge always.

Looks have changed a lot

Beauty, makeup and perfect posture have taken over the teens in a big way currently.

Earlier, they weren't this bunch of teens who vied for attention with their looks, they were what they were.

The eternal girl thing to do

This has been going on for time immemorial.

she would promise one time and she would surely arrive at her own good time.

This hasn't changed even one bit.

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Teenage Girls Of This Generation


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