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See Three Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic People


Love is a beautiful thing, no matter how painful it gets in the long run, it still remains beautiful. Ever wondered why you just can't get someone out of your head? Why you can't seem to forget about someone? It's love, even though the person you love hurts you a lot, you still find it hard to let go, you might feel you're stupid, but no you're not, that's how love is, simple to fall into but hard to fall out. Read this 3 ways to detach yourself from a toxic person

1. GET BUSY- Perhaps the more reason why you feel you can't let them go is because you're idle, so being idle keeps you thinking about them always, you keep on reminiscing about what happened between you two, you keep on worry yourself and most atimes, you end up wishing things had been different, but have you ever asked yourself if what happened was for the better? Perhaps for you to be a better person in the future you have to let that toxic person go, out of your life, out of your head, out of your heart, try it and give yourself peace, get busy and drown yourself in being busy instead of drowning yourself in pain.

2. STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT PERSON! - Infact this is very crucial, stop thinking about them! It goes in line with my first point, being busy helps you think less of them, I really understand how hard it is, believe me I do, but everyone deserves to be happy, if you keep on thinking about people who hurt you, you can never be happy that way, why not choose to think about better things? You can choose to think of the good people you have in your life because of course everyone has that one good person in their lives, so why not think about them and the good they've done to you instead? Let go of that toxic person please.

3. BE A READER!- One good thing about readers is that they know how to handle things like this, they don't even mind toxic people, and although I know its hard to let go of someone you love who only hurts you, readers know how to do it better, it takes time but reading works, you'll realize that you'll come across inspirational books that will help you understand certain things in life, why certain things happen to us and why some things don't just work out. My advice for you is for you to drown yourself in books, be a reader, readers are positive thinkers, positive thinking helps you stay away from negative toxic people, so read.

Like I said I know its not easy to let go of someone you love that hurts you, but sometimes you know its necessary to do so, just know the kind of people to let go of and those you should hold on to, life is not fair, but when it chooses to be unfair by sending a toxic person into your life, let that person go, stay away from that person for the sake of your happiness!

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