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Please What Object Is This? It Fell Out Of My Wife's Body When She Was Going Take Her Bath

I am about to share here today is very important and I need your advice on this as my trust for my wife depends on what I find out.

me and my wife and been living with each other for a very long time and things have been well with use except that we don't have any child which really bother me a lot.

I don't actually blame her for this because I know it is only God that gives children at the appropriate time and this is one thing I want all me to have in mind.

On different occasions, I have pleaded with her to come with me so we can go for medical checkup but she always turn down this and I let it go.

Today being Monday which happens to be work day, she prepared to go to the bathroom as usual to take her bath as she undressed herself, something strange fell out of her body, it golden in color and it look like an anchor.

I became very confused because I have never set my eyes on such a thing before in my whole life.

At first I wanted to tell her but on a second thought, I decided to pick it up and snap it so I can show it to people who might know what it is.

All I want right now is for you to tell me what it is exactly and why will my dear loving wife have such thing in her possession, hope she is not trying to harm me?

I await your response.

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