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Husband and wife relationship

Family problem, see why you should not have problem with your family

When it comes to family issue husbands and wives don't always fight. But yes in the initial years they do tend to have lots of misunderstandings and arguments.This is usually because both have been brought up in different environments. What is normal for one may not be normal for the other. For example if one is a tidiness or neatness freak while the other is used to messy living then differences are bound to arise. There could be many such differences which could lead to fights and friction between them.

A young known couple got married a few months back. Both are well educated and well employed. The girl wants her spouse to help her or do some of the household chores since she too is employed. Her spouse sometimes helps her and sometimes doesn't. So she gets upset. Her argument is ' why should household chores be optional for men and compulsory for women, especially when both are contributing equally to run the house'? The husband's argument is ' I have to work harder because there is more competition for men in the work force. If she loses her job society and relations will not say anything but if I lose my job I will be ridiculed. Therefore I have to work harder and put in longer hours to keep my job. This tires me out sometimes and I don't have the energy to help her'.

Nobody is wrong. Both are right in their own way. The circumstances that exist today are to be blamed. Today most of the fights are about equality in everything. Neither gender wants to give in. In such a scenario fights are bound to arise at least in the initial years of marriage till an understanding is reached.

As couples age the fights become less and turn to small arguments (this is true in my case).

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