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6 Ways to Deal with Rude People

Rude refers to a bad behaviour or just plain bad manners. It can also mean a display of disrespect.

There are ways of dealing with rude people

1. Don't take it personal: when people are rude to you, they tend to reveal who they are and not who you are. Don't take it personally, take the power out of their rudeness by choosing to treat it as their problem not your problem.

2. Find out the reason: People have reasons why they are rude, perhaps they have a rough day at work or they got a bad news or they don't recognize they've been rude all this while. Simply stay calm and ask why they have been rude to you, there answers may surprise you.

3. Don't join the drama club: what I mean by that is, if someone is rude to you, don't yell at the person because if you join the drama, it might escalate the situation. Just keep your dignity intact and ignore the rudeness.

4. Fight rudeness with kindness: no matter how they might be rude to you, try as much as possible to be friendly, helpful and giving the other person the chance to calm down and adjust their behaviour.

5. Don't force a change: you can't force a rude person to change from his/her rudeness. Sometimes the best way is to accept that their rudeness is not hour fault.

6. Walk away: rudeness is hurtful, I but walking away from the situation is the best way to avoid rude behaviour and from the person, even if they're still talking just walk away. If is your friend they will learn that been rude to you will take them nowhere.

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