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10 Signs You’re Dating A Good Guy Who Love & Respects You Wholeheartedly

Women all over the world believe that being in a relationship can fill your life with joy and excitement. The sea is teeming with fish, and the possibilities are limitless.

For those of you who are currently in a relationship, you may occasionally wonder if you made the correct decision by choosing to be with your significant other. Here are some signals that your boyfriend is good and that you should keep him.

1. When you speak, he always pays attention. He doesn't speak over you or dismiss your suggestions. Before making a conclusion, he considers everything you say. In general, he values your viewpoint. He adores both your body and your mind.

2. He adores you in your current state. He never makes you feel bad about your appearance, weight, or ex-girlfriends. He never mocks your musical, cinematic, or video gaming preferences. He never makes you feel like a second-class citizen. He always respects you as an equal and a teammate.

3. He empowers you to make your own decisions. He doesn't tell you who you can hang out with on weekends or how much alcohol you can consume. He believes you will not deceive him. He understands you've got a good head on your shoulders and doesn't think you'll disappoint him.

4. He never tells his friends anything negative about you. He's pleased to be associated with you. He doesn't say anything negative about you in front of his friends or family. He has nothing but good things to say about you. And if anyone else says something bad about you, he'll defend you.

5. Even when he's angry, he listens to you. When he's drunk, high, or angry off, he doesn't become an entirely new person. You won't hear him scream or curse at you. He doesn't make unforgivable mistakes that he has to make amends for the next day. Even when you're irritated with each other, he treats you with respect.

6. He arrives on time. He cares enough about you to uphold his word. If he says he'll do something, you can count on him to accomplish it. He doesn't make up things to gain brownie points by lying about what he's prepared to do for you.

7. He remembers even the tiniest details. This indicates that he is paying attention to what you're saying. He isn't simply nodding in agreement with your comments without actually hearing them. He cares enough about you to remember the insignificant things you've said, things you never expected him to remember.

8. No matter what, he tells you the truth. He doesn't try to get out of problems by using white lies or stretching the truth. He respects you enough to tell you the truth. He'll make sure you get the complete truth, even if it's difficult to hear.

9. He is dependable. He isn't betraying you by cheating or flirting with other people behind your back. He's only interested in you, and he makes it known to the rest of the world.

10. When you're around, he ignores his phone. While you're chatting to him, he doesn't have his head buried in his phone. He's savouring the moment rather than attempting to flee. When he's on a date with you, he's completely present.

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