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Why men Are Scared Of Marrying Single Mothers

Dating a single mother is not a problem. I'm just curious why the guy left at the first place a guy said, Well That shouldnt be your prob bros, Same way a lady will worry about a guy not ending up with his ex girlfriend. If you love a single mother play your part genuinely. Sometimes breakups end for no reason, Life goes on.

From my own experience, they don't seem to be ready for the forward move. In a sense, they still cling to the past. I've dated one and this argument is anchored on them. One problem men are scared of is Issues from baby daddies", Again, single moms' dramas don't help matters either; always quick to rise in defense of their kids, even when stepdads mean well. Oh, I speak from experience.

From my experiences, I married one and dating another, they judge you from the perspective of what happened with their baby dad. You are always compared and it put you off when you even have Best intentions.

We Have 2 types of single mothers, the one that got pregnant when she was Still a small girl and the one that got married and Divorce her husband, the one that got pregnant when she was so Naive Is very loyal to any man that will marry her, but the Divorce one is Very authoritative.

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