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Dating Romantic

Things you can do to make a woman develop feelings towards you.

There are some ways you can attract the interest of a woman, the secret lies in knowing what she wants.

1. Friends and family:

If her friends and family are fond of you, she will most likely develop feelings for you. Hence, if you want her to develop some likeness for you, try to create a good impression on her friends and family.

2. Confidence:

One major trait in a man that attracts women is confidence. Give her the impression that you are a man incharge of his life and she would develop some likeness for you.

3. Communication:

Communication is very important, if you are to get her attention. Make sure you give your undivided attention to her during interaction. That way, you can get to know what she wants. And doing what she wants will make her like you.

4. Compliments:

Women are highly appreciative when compliments come their way. Therefore, never miss the chance to chip in one or two compliments anytime you are together.


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