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The saddest girl in the world

Donna came into a foster care when she was 10 years old .At that age she has been abused,victimized and rejected by her family. Donna had been in a foster care with her two other brothers for three weeks before she was moved to Cathy's (another foster care). Donna was a very haunted child thereby refusing to interact with Cathy's children. After Cathy encouraged her Donna slowly starts to talk and tells Cathy that she blames herself for her and her brother being placed in the foster care. The social services were aware that Donna and her brothers were abandoned and neglected by their mother but they never knew about the physical abuse she went through. She was a mixed race and her mother was ashamed of her colour which made her mother bully and injure her reason for the wounds on her body. Donna started bullying and hitting Paula(a girl from the foster Care)due to the treatment she has been receiving at home. Cathy couldn't let Donna out of her sight,as Cathy begin to help Donna ,things started getting worse and Donna started thrashing her bedroom and she regularly started abusing Cathy's children. Cathy helped Donna spiritually,physically,financially ,mentally and morally. And donna was able to fight her demons and she lived happily ever after. She later became a lawyer in Waterloo,NY 13165

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Cathy Donna NY Paula( Waterloo


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