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How To Best Communicate 'Words Of Affirmation' To Your Partner

Communication is a key to every working relationship including love... so Why 'WORDS OF AFFIRMATION'?

It is the least expensive love language, yet highly important like others too. It also is the only love language that revolves around verbal expression. Almost everyone(if not everyone) loves, 'Words of Affirmation'. 

So in your communication with your partner, never take 'Words of Affirmation: for granted. Use it often, if not daily. Ways to best communicate 'Words of Affirmation' to your partner, includes, 

1. COMPLIMENTS: Positive, lively, lovely and sweet words counts a whole lot, but let them genuine. Have you ever seen anyone that dislikes compliment? I'm yet to see one, it shows you how powerful compliments are. A compliment can make someone go through the entire day with lots of Joy. Guys in the house, this one is MORE important for you to practice, learn to compliment your lady, daily! A compliment can make her smile for some minutes, but a compliment from you can make her smile all day. 

Ladies, compliment your man too. Mutuality is key to bringing out the best outcome in these things. Example of a compliment to your partner: Call him/her and say "I just called to remind you of three truths, 1. You're Smart. 2. You're Special. and 3. You're Beauty-Full/Handsome and I love you".

2. GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION: Be appreciative of every show of love from your partner. Be vocal about it. The truth is, Simple heartfelt gratitude gives extra meaning and purpose to our daily actions. Also be specific while appreciating your partner. If you are specific about what you really liked, this will warm their heart and make them do more. 

Don't assume that your partner is privy to your innermost feelings. Love is expressive. You have to let your partner hear it from your mouth that you love and care for him/her on a regular basis and importantly see it in your acts. Learn how to be more expressive to someone you're committed to not just in your words, but also in your behaviour, deeds, nonverbal actions and conduct.

3. BE EMPATHETIC: When the chips are down, please be super sensitive.

Put yourself in their shoes. Reflect on what they may be feeling or thinking. Consistently share sentiments of support and understanding for your partner’s successes and their struggles. Uncle, when she's on her menstrual cycle and you know of it, be more caring than ever before, talk to her on the phone more and be empathetic, tell her she will be alright, and never stop to check on her MORE during these times. 

Aunty, when uncle's football team loses a match, please call him on phone and talk to him, you could tell him something like this, "Man United might have lost their match and made you sad, but with me there's no loss, and even if it happens, we will rise higher, same as our love for each other".

4. TEXT MESSAGES AND CALLS: Healthy communication is priceless. Healthy communication is the bedrock of a commitment headed towards success. Don't allow a day end without reaching out to your partner either through Calls, Text messaging or via social media. You don't have to talk at length on the phone at all times, once in a while call your partner and tell him/her, 'I just called to tell you that 'I love you'.

Additionally, a beautiful morning text message can make your partner's day glow. A lovely text message can go a long way to making your partner smile anytime s/he thinks about you. 'If there was a restaurant that only served the warmth and affection of people, I would be a regular, and my dish would always be you'.

5. EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Be an emotional support to your partner. Pray for each other on the phone most times when you call each other. WHAT IS 'WORDS OF AFFIRMATION', WITHOUT PRAYERS FOR EACH OTHER? Guys, please understand her during mood swings, and offer emotional support during these times. 

Build up your partner with positive and kind words. Encourage him or her when things go wrong, or not as planned, use positive, motivational or inspiring words like, "I believe in you", "You're a great person", "All will be well", etc. Cheer up your partner at their lowest moments, don't leave it to chance, step up and show that you really care.


Reaffirming of your commitment to him/her consistently especially when you meet in public.

Respect for each other: A hand written letter expressing genuine heartfelt love and admiration. 

Utter kind words:


'Words of Affirmation' are good, but they aren't enough. Back up your 'Words of Affirmation' with intentional actions of Love, Care and Kindness to your partner. Respect your partner and don't try to manipulate him/her with words🙄. Build your relationship with Godly standards, pursue purpose, engage in meaningful and educating conversations not gossips and vain talks, and never stop working on your weaknesses. Best of Grace in your commitment, God bless each and everyone of you.

Written by Simeon Malachy (A relationship coach per excellent)

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