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4 Major Ways To Make A Man Love And Respect You.

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In this article, there are two keywords- love and respect. A man can love a lady without having respect for her. Equally, a man can respect a lady without loving her. A healthy relationship should have both in place. 

There is a widespread misconception that ladies are to be loved and not respected , while the men should be loved and respected. The fact remains that a lady feels loved when she is respected.

A relationship needs love and respect to be healthy. Hence, every lady should know how to make a man love and respect her. The choice is up to her. This article addresses some ways a lady could make a man love and respect her.

1.Respect and love yourself:

In life, we reap what we sow. If you don't treat yourself with respect, no man will respect you. It is advisable for everyone to have self-love before entering any relationship.

If you love yourself, a man will love you. When you love and respect yourself, you don't treat a man the way you don't want to be treated.

2.Don't compete with other ladies:

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It is good to have a role model that challenges you positively. In life, there are times we might think we lack some things in our lives. At this moment, be content and appreciative of what you have.

When a lady keeps comparing herself with another, the man sees her as one with low self-esteem. It wouldn't attract the man's respect and love.

3.Be a lady of value:

Value makes a man treasure a lady. He becomes scared of losing her. This can only happen when you add value to his life in a way no other person can. A relationship is an investment; no man wants a liability, but an asset. He will love and respect you when you add value to his life.

4. Be positively opinionated:

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It is not only a man's world; it belongs to the man and the woman. Keeping silent or suppressing your opinion in a given matter will not make him respect you. Sad to note that some ladies think keeping quiet always means submission .

Share your thoughts and express displeasure where necessary. Don't agree to everything a man says without letting your opinion known.

I believe the above-stated ways would help in gaining his love and respect in your relationship.

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