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Modern Relationships: 3 Reasons Why They Don't Last

There are reasons why modern relationships don't last. Because modern relationships are not easy and there is no doubt about that. Things are a lot different than ever and our lifestyles are drastically different from those before us.

Nowadays, so many people are not prepared to sacrifice and may not even know what that means. We think of love as something that should come easily.

We all want a relationship without the work or risks involved in a real one. we want the hand-holding for a moment, we want the comfort for a moment, we want the affection for a moment, we want the attention for a moment, but we don’t want the work that is required to build a real relationship.

Here are 3 reasons why modern relationships don't last.

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1) High expectations

This is one of the major reasons why so many relationships fail before they even begin. High expectations that come from fairy tales. The best thing about life is that you never know what happens next and relationships should not be an exception to that.

2) Social Media influence

Couple goals are ruining most relationship goals because of the influence of social media. Nowadays many couples tend to get in relationships to gain social status and show that off on social media platforms. So basically happiness is measured by how much they seem happy together on Instagram and that is a horrible reason to want to have a relationship.

3) The technology between you

So many tablets and smartphones between the two of you. All this time you are spending online, you could instead invest in connecting, actually talking, and going places together.

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