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How Stonewalling Can Affect Your Relationship Or Marriage

If you have ever been ignored by someone you love, then you have tasted a bit of stonewalling. Although, the later is different from the former, they pass some kinds of related messages. Stonewalling is a form of communication. In the case of stonewalling, the person who is stonewalling and the person who is being stonewalled are both affected.

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Stonewalling have many detrimental effects on relationships and marriages. That is why it should not be found around your relationship or marriage. If stonewalling enters your love life, your love life may not survive. That is why you should do everything within your reach to keep it far away from your relationship or marriage. Now let's talk about how stonewalling can adversely affect your marriage or relationship.

To begin with, what is stonewalling? You would ask. Stonewalling simply means refusal to answer or cooperate. In a relationship or marriage, this is seen when one of the partners or lovers refuses to communicate or cooperate with his or her partner or lover. In this case, he or she appears as a stone wall.

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Stonewalling can also mean what we know as silent treatment. As a form of communication, when you stonewall, you are telling your lover that you aren't happy, even though you may pretend to be fine.

If you refuse to tell your lover why you are not happy or responding to their words, you are stonewalling. This is a big enemy of love. You should never stonewall.

If you stonewall, you are indirectly belittling your lover. Ignoring them when they speak shows that you are disrespecting them or making them feel irrelevant. This has a negative effect on your relationship or marriage.

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Stonewalling is a negative way of communication, hence, it destroys any form of intimacy. It can make partners withdraw from each other. It can as well cause lovers to live separate lives. It prevents positive communications already existing and further ones in that relationship or marriage.

The person being stonewalled is usually left angry, confused and frustrated. Of course, when you try so much to find out what is wrong with the person you love without any valid response, you would feel bad.

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When you ignore or stonewall your lover, he or she may appear useless, powerless, helpless and devalued. This is detrimental to the relationship or marriage.

If you stonewall, you are not left out. You are also affected because you are deprived of happiness. Lovers are happier together, but when one of them stonewalls, none of them is happy. Have you seen how stonewalling can affect you, your lover and your relationship or marriage? You should try as much as possible not to stonewall.

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When you have some misunderstandings with your lover, kindly sort things out with them instead of giving them silent treatment.

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